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    Hand crafted products. Well Done

  • Pail Ale

    Chapman's Pail Ale. Hops Done Right

  • Ale Cider

    American Ale Cider. More than a Beer. More than a Cider

  • Englishman

    Chapman's Englishman. A classic revamped

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  • The story of Johnny "Appleseed" Chapman


Our Products

It began with the Ale Cider - a truly unique combination that brought the best of two craft worlds together - the crispness of Cider with the best of Ale - and continued with the Pail Ale and the Englishman.

Where you can find us

Visit our brewery in Angola, Ind. You can also get to know us on twitter, Facebook, instagram - our favorite social channels, and you could rate us on Ratebeer.com or maybe like us on Untappd?

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Our iPhone App {Android coming soon} was created for our fans and is packed with fun trivia, an interactive leaderboard, photo submissions, ale locator, and more. It's a perfect complement to our products.